- just look at this beautiful sunset -

just look at this beautiful sunset

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1pearl Oh wow ist das schön ! Klasse ! Excellent !! 07/08/2003
Xabre Das Himmelswerk ist ungewöhnlich, aber genial. Leider ist der Vordergrund ein wenig dunkel. Naja, es sei Dir dank des perfekten "Rests" verziehen. ^_^ 07/08/2003
mapicus Yeah, it's really beautyful and a great terrain. I like it ! 07/08/2003
XR666 sogar ein wenig bliss-faktor mit drin :) 07/08/2003
Calle66 ich liebe solche rays ! aber der rest, terrain und surface ... erste klasse. gruss 07/08/2003
christianfly Very romantic! 07/08/2003
darksecret1 awesome image. beautifully done. :) 07/08/2003
db103 Outstanding Work! 07/08/2003
andytw Killer sky!! 07/08/2003
carib98 Wahrlich! Den Sonnenuntergang lob' ich mir. Toll! 07/08/2003
choronr Hard to tell that this is not a photograph. This picture is very beautiful. 07/08/2003
DrOGaN fantastic sunlight with a perfect cloud! terrain and surface are great ...and i like your framework!! *vote* 07/08/2003
jtmjtm2001 Incredible feel of space! 07/08/2003
tavili Wonderful sunset!!! 07/09/2003
Cyphixx Excellent sky! :) 07/09/2003
hillrunner Perfect scenery 07/09/2003
arthez only a few pics here are perfect... this is one of them - VOTE 07/09/2003
engineer your style of illuminating a landscape is really unique! 07/09/2003
majikart the sunset is beautiful,but i especially like how you worked on the terrain and how it was lit. 07/09/2003
Topsider !!! 07/09/2003
tommy5547 Two words: Per Fect. 07/09/2003
prutzworks !!!! 07/09/2003
farasha oooooh!!! 07/09/2003
stoffel Wonderful scene and clouds. I love rays and these are fantastic. Excellent artwork :) LG Stoffel 07/12/2003